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Posted on 6/20/2017 by Stacy Mal

Seize the moment...

After I dropped the kids off at VBS, I slipped into the Church for a minute. There were no lights, except a few rays of sun through stained glass and the flickering of a candle. I knelt down in stillness as the presence of God moved gracefully and mightily all around me and through me. It was perfectly silent as the beating of my heart and the whisper of His Spirit seemed converse back and forth. It was but a moment, but a moment touched by eternity. It was simplicity touched by power. Flesh touched by grace. The girl who arose was different from the girl who knelt down. She had been changed, imbued with hope and joy and life. Transformed in just one common, yet extraordinary, moment. It doesn’t take anything fancy or spectacular. It just takes the key of faith to unlock the doorway into His presence. Believe, friends. Seize the moment. Enter the silence. He is waiting with hands full of blessing.