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It's Never Just One

Posted on 10/1/2016 by Stacy Mal

One abortion is never, EVER just ONE abortion. Please, don't be fooled by that.

This beautiful woman is my grandma, Dee. She married a man named Dennis. They had 11 children! Many of those children married and had children of their own. Many of those children (grandchildren) then married and began having children.

Currently, the number of people in our family is approximately 105 (give or take a few, how do you keep track anymore!? LOL) this is including spouses. 105!!! What will that number look like in 5-10 years when more of my 37 cousins marry and start having kids? What will it look like in 10-15-20 years when our kids (her great grandchildren) start to marry and have kids? We could easily near 200 people by the year 2035. And it keeps growing and growing!!

I often think about her when people try to justify "just one abortion." It's never just ONE. If my grandma had been aborted, we would have been aborted with her. Poof! All of us, GONE. You might say that's a stretch, but not really. None of us would have gotten the chance if she didn't get the chance.

And what about my grandfather? Where would he have been if his soul mate never got the chance to live? Would he have remained single, wandering, never finding "the one"? What about the spouses of all my grandma's children? Where would they be if their spouses had never been born? Where would my spouse and my cousins' spouses be? It's never just ONE abortion.

Even if that baby is not destined to marry or have children, it is destined to do some good upon the earth and to change it in some way. It is destined to contribute to the betterment of society and touch the lives of other people in it. If that baby is aborted, all the good that he or she was to do, is aborted along with it. All the lives that that child were to touch, are then touched with a deep, unfulfilled void. The world at large is robbed.

I can't say this enough: It's never just ONE abortion.

By the way, there are approximately 56 million abortions committed each year. Think how the world has been altered, stripped, cheated for generations to come. It's never just one.

As we begin October (Respect Life Month) and move even closer to Election Day, I pray this reality sinks deep into hearts.