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About My Religion...

Posted on 10/14/2016 by Stacy Mal

A letter to Mr. Meme Maker... the guy who attacked me online because of my "bull$!+ religion."

So apparently some guy (I have NO IDEA who he is) stole a photo of me and made a vulgar Trump meme with it, and posted it to a public page called "Fed up with all the crap in Erie PA" ....that has over 9,000 followers. It's actually kind of funny because I don't even live in Erie anymore -- but I digress. I've reported the photo and asked the guy to remove it (especially since it's a copyrighted photo) but he has not yet done so. In fact, his response message to me was (and I quote), "Let's talk about your use of the election to push your bullsh!# religion in govt agenda." 

I don't know this fella, but from his message to me I can probably assume he's not a Trump fan. Or a Christian. Which is totally fine. But my question is: why is it NOT fine if I AM? Why is this guy soooo bent out of shape about a few conservative Christian posts from someone he does not even know, that he is scrolling my page at night, and downloading my picture to make a meme? Poor guy needs a hobby. Or a chill pill.

Anywhooo... the bigger, more important question is: why is my religion bullish!#? 

Here's the thing, Mr. Meme Maker, I'm not "using" the elections to "push" my religion. I'm just "living" my religion "during" the elections. At least I'm trying to, the best way I know how, with the way things are these days. 

You see, that's what Christianity is... it's a way of life. It's a standard born of a relationship. Like a smile born of peace, or laughter born of joy. I know you'd rather I keep it on the down low, like some secret thing that I never speak of or acknowledge, unless it's Sunday at Church. But that's like trying to hide my smile or muffle my laughter all week. My "religion" is my strength for the day, and the hope in my heart. Its a person very close to me who I cannot deny or forsake. My "religion" isn't BS. It's my everything.

I'm sorry if hundreds of people have shared my posts and they're now showing up on your feed, making you ornery. I'm sorry if you hate religion, and hate Trump, and hate conservative posts, and hate the people who type them. All that hatin' must get tiring. Soooo... I went ahead and saved you some time. I made a new meme of me. It's a quote from a friend of mine. By the way, I will be praying for you, that you get a little more joy... Life's too short for anything less. GOD BLESS!